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The Iridium GO! application

provides a default user name of “guest” with a password of “guest” (both the user name and password are case sensitive). Up to 5 users can concurrently send messages (Tracking, Twitter, SMS) while only one active call (voice or internet) can occur at the same time. See the Advanced settings section of this chapter for more information on setting up unique user accounts.


If prompted for a SIM PIN, enter the four to eight digit SIM card PIN code provided by your Iridium service provider. The default SIM PIN is 1111 and may be modified. Pressing the incorrect PIN multiple times will lock Iridium GO! and require an unlock code. The unlock code can be provided by your Iridium service provider.

Wi-Fi settings

By default the Iridium GO! device Wi-Fi connection is set to “open” but can be modified to WPA2 by a user with administrator privileges through the Advanced icon. SSID Iridium-6088CC.

Web interface