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АПРЕЛЬ 2013 new release of Kannad e-Prog

Dear Kannad Marine EPIRB/PLB programmer, We are pleased to inform you that a new release of Kannad e-Prog software is available. It provides the following additional feature :

  • Support of the 15Hex ID checksum display, this feature may be required in the future by some registration authorities.
  • Fix of the synchronisation error when the date separator is not a slash “/”.
  • Faster synchronisation
  • Improved Windows 7 compatibility.
  • Login through a password protected proxy
  • Fix of country list display and selection
  • Fix of various display bugs
  • Fix of various other small bugs

The ManageYourBeacon website has been updated with the following features :

  • Fix of the “Beacon List” bug : you can now list the beacons programmed by your company and update information if necessary.
  • Kannad Marine / Kannad Aviation rebranding.

FAQ : How do I know if my software needs to be updated ?

  • Your next launch or synchronisation of e-Prog will display a “New version available V1.3.2 - Do you want to download it now ?”.

How to obtain the new installation file Kannad e-Prog Setup 1.3.2.exe ?

  • When e-Prog displays “New version available V1.3.2 - Do you want to download it now ?”, if you click YES it will automatically download the installation file.


  • Go to www.manageyourbeacon.com , login with your e-Prog login, and click on the “Download e-Prog” button

What to do if I have lost my e-Prog login/password ?

  • Go to www.manageyourbeacon.com and click on “I have forgotten my password”

How to install Kannad e-Prog V1.3.2 ?

  • The installation and first launch of e-Prog must be done with admin rights. Windows 7 users, even if you have admin rights, you must right click the file and select “Run as administrator”. Contact your IT administrator for more information.

Will I keep my previous settings if I install e-Prog V1.3.2 over my existing e-Prog V1.2.1 ?

  • Yes, your current settings will be saved, as well as list of coding sheet.

I am still using Kannad Winprog software. What shall I do ?

  • Kannad Winprog is no longer supported, since August 2010. We kindly advise you to use Kannad e-Prog. We will not answer questions related to the use of Kannad Winprog software. See below for more information.

Where to find more information about e-Prog installation and use ?

  • The Kannad download area is still active : go to www.kannad.com , click on “My account”
  • Login to the restricted area with login : distrimarine , password : biblio
  • You’ll find there the “Install e-Prog and ManageYourBeacon” document, as well as the Kannad Marine Safelink EPIRB programming guide.

I don’t understand why I receive this mail / I don’t understand the purpose of this mail / I am no longer using the e-Prog software !

  • You receive this mail because you have an account on www.manageyourbeacon.com and/or you are identified as a Kannad EPIRB/PLB programmer. If you are not concerned by this e-mail, please let us know at support.sar@orolia.com .


How to get more help ?

  • All the usual questions are answered in the above documentation. Please read it carefully. If you still can’t find an answer to your questions, please contact us a support.sar@orolia.com

Regards / Cordialement

Please note : All technical questions must be addressed to the contact below.

Veuillez noter que les questions techniques doivent кtre envoyйes aux coordonnйes ci-dessous.

Service Client OROLIA SAS / OROLIA SAS Customer Service support.sar@orolia.com DDI: +33 2 97 02 49 00

Bruno Poyti Product Support Manager bruno.poyti@orolia.com

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