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Connecting up the modem to the ACU

The iDirect modem’s Rx and Tx must be connected to the Rx and Tx on the ACU.

The LAN port must be connected to the LAN port 1 of the ACU for the OpenAMIP communication.

Connect the analog RSSI (Receive Signal Strength Indicator) pin of console port of the modem to the RSSI input pin on the RS-232 connector of the ACU.

Cu-iDirect connection.jpg

It is a recommendation to connect the analog RSSI pin to the ACU in order to be able to see the modem signal strength on the DASHBOARD and in order to have the signal strength logged in the statistic file in the ACU for trouble shooting purposes. The reason for the extra wire for RSSI is due to iDirect OpenAMIP protocol does not include the modem signal strength in the protocol.

NOTE: The SAILOR VSAT system can work without the RSSI cable connected, as the modem signal strength is only for user information.